3 Key Elements your website needs to convert traffic


April 24, 2023


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As a Creative Director and Brand Designer, I have had the pleasure of working with many clients who struggled to convert their website traffic into customers and leads. Despite having visually pleasing sites and impressive visitor counts they didn’t get the results they wanted. Through my experience and analysis I have identified three elements that are commonly missing on websites that do not convert visitors. Let’s dig deeper into these elements that can make a significant difference to the conversion rate of any website.

1. Engaging Call to Action (CTA).

Imagine that someone visits your website and shows interest. They browse content they find interesting, but ultimately hit a dead-end with no further action to be taken. A CTA that directed them to the next step was not created. A strong call-to action (CTA), is what you need. CTAs are prompts that inform your visitors what to do next. Examples include “Sign up Now,” “Get started Now,” and “Contact us.” Your CTA should appear prominently on your website. It is best to place it above the fold. The design should be visually appealing and the copy persuasive. CTAs should convey a sense urgency and value. Without one, visitors may leave your website without taking action, wasting valuable conversion opportunities.

A seller of online courses could create a CTA to encourage visitors to sign up right away to “Unlock Your Full Potential”, using a button that is eye-catching and in a different color to highlight urgency and the importance of taking immediate action. This creates an immediate sense urgency and emphasizes its importance for buyers.

People are more likely to trust the opinions and experiences of others than marketing messages. Social proof and testimonials will greatly increase your credibility and trustworthiness by including them on your website. Testimonials of satisfied clients or customers provide proof of the quality and value of your products or service. Customer reviews, ratings, accolades or endorsements validate your company while encouraging conversion. Credible reviews are more likely to be authentic testimonials that include real names, photos, and other details.

For example, a coaching website could feature testimonials of clients who achieved notable results after working with their coach. Examples include “I increased my income by 50% in just three months” and “I finally reached my fitness goals thanks to his help”. These testimonials are powerful and can inspire visitors to act.

2. Create an engaging value proposition

The value proposition on your website should succinctly and clearly describe the unique benefits that your business offers its customers. It should answer “What’s in it for me?” Visitors to your website will visit you more often. Above the fold, a powerful value proposition with headlines that are compelling and supporting copy which conveys its meaning clearly should be displayed. Its goal should be to highlight all your unique selling points in a concise manner.

For example, a site offering graphic design services might use value propositions like “Transform Your Brand With Beautiful Designs That Engage and Convert” or “Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential With Innovative and Strategic Designs Solutions”. These are great examples of value propositions to distinguish their business and its competitors while also compelling visitors explore further and take actions. Value propositions that are clearly stated can help you stand out from your competitors, and encourage visitors to investigate further or take immediate action.

3. Easy navigation and user experience (UX).

Your website’s UX and navigation are critical to engaging visitors and converting them. Visitors may leave your website if it is difficult to use, slow loading, or does not respond to mobile devices. Make sure your website has a clean, intuitive menu so that visitors don’t leave!

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