Behind  the  Screen!

Hi there! I’m Ahfeeyah,
Business Coach, Creative Director and OG Brand Strategist.

Enneagram 3, type A as they come... I live for good vibes and travel, am always in a blazer, and my feet tapping to the latest soca chunes.


I was a corporate Human Resources Professional working in Boston, MA for one of my favorite & the most respected universities in the world.
It felt like a dream, honestly. Until it... wasn't. 

You see I have always had an interesting love affair between corporate and entrepreneurship. I would often juggle the two in addition to being a mother, active member in my church and serving as a community leader for local organizations. My mission has always been to see women and minorities win, so it was a no brainer to show up when and where I needed to to help however I could, which included making sure young women had representation. Deep down I knew though that my purpose was for more. 

Dear Me,
I love the woman you've become

Then I finally found my purpose, helping women level up and lead profitable brands of their own.

Hard Core Truth: Our purpose is not hiding from us or waiting to pop out of from behind a tree in an elementary game of hide and seek. It is often and has always ben right in front of us. 

For me I had been helping women and minorities go from passion to profit consistently for many years. I had built community and served as a thought leader and influencer so naturally the last step was acknowledging my gift and purpose and realigning in an authentic way. 


Enneagram 3, type A as they come... but I live for an ice cream come and swear I liked blush pink before anyone else.


Ahfeeyah is the CEO of Build Brand Design. She's an OG Brand Strategist who swears she loved blush pink before it was a thing. She hopes to be known for bringing a level of sparkle to social and teaching women to ask for what they're worth.




I live for a great blazer. Seriously, I own like 34. Everyone looks better in a blazer. 


I can't whistle. Never have been able to. Probably never will. #secretshame


My favorite movies are Home Alone 1 and 2 and I replay the parts when Kevin gets the bad guys #embarrassing


I am most creative when I travel during the wee hours of the morning. #itsathing

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Red Velvet Cheesecake

celeb i'd love to meet

Idris Elba and of course Auntie Oprah

Guilty pleasure

Southern Charm

alternate universe job:

Florist! I love arranging flowers.

favorite place i've been:

Santorini. Give me all that white and blueee.

drink of choice

Tropical Rum Punch or White Sangria

can't live without

Burts Bees Chapstick

usually craving

Green smoothies... and nachos. 

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge

Law & Order SVU + Sistas

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